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B&M NXT is a strategic communications and business advisory service provider. It caters to decision-making and planning needs of CXOs across organizations. These organizations include the venture-capital and angel investment communities. It also caters to assumptions-and-forecasting needs of market research, media, and consulting organizations.

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Boutique services for the discerning CXOs

Market assessment tools, models, and information services:

B&M Nxt specializes in the development of highly usable market assessment tools, models, and information services. These could be designed to meet specific needs of marketing, strategy or sales functions across various sectors. To ensure that, we leverage a diverse panels of domain experts and users of technologies and other ICT services. This approach makes our demand-side insights highly relevant and focused.

Timely, complete, and accurate information and communication services:

We take pride in delivering timely, complete, and accurate information and communication services. This means that our users are able to take highly informed and result-oriented decisions based on the insights and analyses that we provide. Even though our advisory is primarily strategic in nature, we take care to ensure a connect with current market realities.

Storytelling that weaves together case studies and use cases:

That is why storytelling is a key part of any information or communication service that we deliver. We weave together case studies and use cases to make it easier for users to intuitively relate to the insights and analyses.