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While 5G is talked up at MWC, consider this IoT use case

Yes, internet of things (IoT) is where 5G’s biggest promise lies. 5G and IoT could together spawn a next generation of applications. While speed also gets a bumps-up, 5G isn’t about speed alone. After all, of what good is speed if there are not enough applications to...

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Seven wonders of a resurgent Google world

Google’s holding company Alphabet just confirmed yet another one-billion-users service under its hood—Gmail. The other six Google services to have already achieved one billion users or more are Search, Chrome, Android, Google Play, Maps, and...

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So, is there really no tech bubble at work?

This VC firm has posted quite interesting and compelling arguments to counter the perception that VCs may be falling for another tech bubble. I'm yet to come across data points that could effectively challenge these slides. Have you? Do share your...

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Why the term sustainable growth is an oxymoron

A shift from “growth” to “sustainability” is the mantra and ICT models like cloud, big data and social media could help drive that transformation  Historically, all economic growth has come at the cost of environmental as well as social developments, which...

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