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Marketing communications

Marketing Communications

Today, digital media has grown to a mainstream stature, and is rivaling print and electronic media in terms of reach and impact. Consequently, it has become a primary focus area for media planners and marketers. However, few providers are able to offer the integrated messaging solutions that planners need. Instead, piecemeal offerings make it difficult for decision makers to get their media strategies executed up to the expectations. Further, digital media solutions may fail to sync up with the print and audiovisual campaigns neatly and seamlessly. As a result, the demand-supply gap persists when it comes to delivery uniform messaging across platforms.

B&M Nxt specialists take an integrated approach to traditional and digital media. Moreover, we make sure that story telling follows one single thread, irrespective of the media or the platform getting addressed. As a result, we deliver a high degree of campaign consistency and efficacy.

Business Advisory

Technologies like cloud, big data, social media, and mobility have already impacted businesses in big ways. Likewise, a second wave of digital technologies, namely, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchains, and 5G are also emerging as new disruptors. It goes without saying that today’s business leaders must stay updated on the latest trends and developments. Further, they must find ways to leverage these technologies to their organizations’ advantages. Certainly, staying atop these challenges would enable them and their organizations to stay competitive in a highly dynamic business environment.

We conduct in-depth analysis of the markets and their ecosystems. Also, we use a framework that takes into consideration a comprehensive set of assumptions and related parameters. Consequently, we deliver advisory services that enable informed and agile decision making.

Go to Market

Our go-to-market services come in various formats and flavors. For example, our analysts could present on a relevant topic at an event or conference. Also, our researchers could help you develop thought papers and case studies on specific market trends or technologies. 

Market Research

We carry out both primary and secondary research in a wide range of areas such as IT services, telecom, 4G/5G, networking, managed services, cloud, mobility, and IoT, among others. The scope covers both supply and demand-side research, including channel partner surveys.

Verticals Addressed

Our marketing communications services span a wide range of verticals. For example, IT/ITeS, telecom, digital technologies, BFSI, and healthcare are addressed. However, our business advisory is more focused on the digital tech as well as traditional ICT domains.

Geo Coverage

We have strong direct presence in the India market, and are capable of carrying out highly segmented research and analysis locally. Globally, while Asia Pacific is a key focus area, we have either direct or partner presence in various key geos across the world.

Boutique services for the discerning CXOs

Timely, complete, and accurate information and communication services

First, we take pride in delivering timely, complete, and accurate marketing communications and information services. As a result, our users are able to take highly informed and result-oriented decisions based on the insights and analyses that we provide. Moreover, while our advisory is strategic in nature, we take care to ensure a connect with the tactical market realities.

Storytelling that weaves together case studies and use cases

Yes, storytelling is a key part of any marketing communication that we construct and deliver. First, we weave together case studies and use cases to make it easier for users to intuitively relate to the insights and analyses.  Besides, we ensure that text content is well supported by other content genres. So, for example, there could be a supporting infographic or related picture in place. Further, video content is pulled in wherever necessary. Finally, all content is positioned in a manner that is easy to access and navigate.

Market assessment tools, models, and information services:

We specialize in the development of highly usable market assessment tools, models, and information services. Besides, these could be designed to meet specific needs of marketing, strategy or sales functions across various sectors. Towards that, we leverage a diverse panels of domain experts and users of technologies and other ICT services. As a result, our demand-side insights are highly relevant and focused.