B&M Nxt addresses research-based information, communication and marketing needs of decision makers and planners across telecom, IT service and technology provider organizations—and users of their products and services. We also cater to assumptions-and-forecasting needs of analysts at investment banking organizations and governments.

We leverage a diverse panels of domain experts and buyers of technologies and other ICT services, to make our demand-side insights highly relevant and focused.

Over the past ten years, leveraging a bootstrapped model, we have done well to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and their end users. With their continued support and a pronounced need for focused and highly-specialized services, we have expanded into select areas of syndicated and custom research, advisory and go-to-market services.

B&M Nxt leverages an assets (infrastructure)-light model, which allows us to keep costs down and pass on the benefits to our customers. At the same time, we are highly selective about the experts we engage with for developing our reports and advisory content. These domain experts are often geographically dispersed, love their flexible working hours, and are excellent time managers.

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