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A B&M Nxt program initiative that helps CXOs take sustainable business decisions, using the right set of technologies and productivity models.

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The Better World

The world has seen a tremendous economic growth in the last few decades, but at an exorbitantly high price for our planet. The earth’s natural energy and material resources have depleted at an alarming rate and consequently the carbon emissions have skyrocketed to the extent of endangering the very existence of life on earth. Global warming has led to rapid climate change and the melting of glaciers in the Arctic makes the threat of widespread deluge a reality.

The linear economy has reached its limit, and circular economy must take over. Sustainability is the way forward.

Countries—and businesses—must set themselves bold and well-defined sustainability targets, and strive to meet those goals even more aggressively.

That’s the premise for the Better World program.

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Let’s join our hands together to transform our world for a better tomorrow.

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