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Position Open: Web Developer – WordPress & PHP

The position is open for Bangalore and Delhi.

We are looking for PHP developers who are equally at ease with modern WordPress themes and plugins.

The idea is to have an agile and integrated approach to website development. A strong grounding in php, HTML, JS, bootstrap, etc. is to ensure that the fundamentals are firmly in place. Hands-on experience of developing websites using powerful themes, page builders, and standard plugins makes the development process rapid, smooth, and transparent to the clients.

Job Description

  • 3–4 years of experience in designing, coding and modifying websites, primarily in WordPress and PHP.
  • In tune with the latest trends in website development and maintenance trends and well versed with the best-in-class WordPress themes and plugins, html5 integration, and e-commerce integration, among others.
  • Have the UI aptitude for creating visually appealing sites that are also user-friendly and easy to navigate. A working knowledge of design software and tools such as AI and Photoshop would be important.
  • A strong understanding of dedicated server hosting and development environment is a must. The developer should be able to create and maintain web hosting environment both at the local server level as well as the web server end.
  • A strong grasp of security principles and how they apply to E-Commerce applications is important. A deep functional knowledge or hands on design experience with Web Services (REST, SOAP, etc ..) would be useful.
  • The candidate should also be able to communicate well in English so as to comprehend the clients’ requirements clearly.

If you find yourself suited for the position, please write in at