Business Advisory Program
for C-suite & ICT Leaders

Driven by the disruptions triggered by digital technologies, businesses have been undergoing transformational changes. This has challenged business leaders and decision makers to embrace measures such as continual innovation.

What Is C-Spark?

C-Spark is a program uniquely designed to address the business transformation and innovation needs of business and ICT leaders across organizations.

The program is carefully crafted to serve and empower C-suite leader through the right blend of information tools such as newsletters, research reports, workshops and events, and of course, a microsite dedicated to their online needs.

It aims to create a unified platform for C-Suite leaders to exchange leadership thoughts in a mutually beneficial manner.

Why C-Spark

The C-Spark program would help business and ICT leaders in:

  • Understanding what the economic/ political/ business developments mean for the ICT industry in general and the organizations in particular.
  • Staying tuned to the changing business dynamics and emerging digital technologies, and accordingly adapting their business strategies and organizational goals.
  • Developing appropriate marketing strategies and branding decisions.