Zen Insights

Zen Insights is a digital age strategic advisory, data science and analytics services firm. It sifts through number of data sources to unearth meaningful insights, answer “so what” questions and develop customized actionable strategies for our clients to lead in hypercompetitive digitally connected world.

Its comprehensive services portfolio is highly tailored to address needs of industry value chain – Enterprises, Technology/Service Providers, Investment community, Corporate VCs and Startups. We help our enterprise clients in their transformation journey to become Digital enterprise by raising the overall digital consciousness of the organization.

Zen has tailored solutions for investment professionals and corporate VCs to identify, evaluate and manage strategic investment opportunities as well as assess the market potential for their portfolio companies. A key focus area is startups, where Zen offers customized services to help the start-ups understand their target customers, market size, product market fit and go-to-market strategies.