Well, if not anything, by shelving the selloff plans, BlackBerry has opted for a winded road towards a possible comeback, and most likely in the realm of software. 
Yet, the turn of events has been dramatic, and the selloff announcement, which earlier was lauded as a strategic one, now appears to be more tactical and guided by the interests of a group of investors. 
Could a purpose of the earlier takeover announcement by Prem Watsa-led Fairfax seems to be this: if more bidders joined the race and the prices went up then exit the 10 percent stake with a profit. Else, take a stronger control of the company at a lowered investment?
There may be a reason to consider that as a possibility. Why?
Well, a $4.7 billion takeover would also have meant some safeguarding of general investors’ interests; now with the $1-billion investment in the form of debenture, it means serving the interests of the creditors first.
Of course, the change of course may be seen as a Watsa plan to de-risk the investments, while also lowering the amount and from a financial perspective, it may be a smart move—Fairfax is not investing anymore; it’s offering a credit.
An effective control of BlackBerry now comes to the said group of investors for a significantly reduced amount of $1 billion, which, however, may be good enough to turn the company’s fortunes around. And with a new CEO in the form of John Chen, who is widely credited as having earlier saved Sybase from the verge of a bankruptcy and returned it to some level of standing, this may look more possible to the optimists.
As of now, much to the dismay of BlackBerry stakeholders though, there don’t seem to be many optimists around.
Indeed. Watsa, who is also referred to by the sobriquet of ‘Warren Buffet of Canada,’ may have actually tested the investor confidence through his buyout announcement and then adjusted his own investment proposition accordingly.

As for BlackBerry, with no suitors having come forward, it is left to bet mostly on Watsa for a future turnaround, and possibly, a part selloff of the device business. 
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