In the next few hours the most awaited tech launch of CY2013 would happen—the BB10 mobile OS and at likely one ‘cool’ Blackberry device running it.
The buzz is that RIM would have finally got it right this time, if the rally in the recent weeks for the RIM stocks were to give an indicator. And if so, that could be a critical positive for the Blackberry maker’s possible journey to salvation.
The impact, no matter how positive, however, will not be significantly measurable in the near term. Only after a positive build-up has continued for the next three to four quarters can it labeled as a turnaround story. That would be fair.
To give the smartphone pioneer its due credit and also not to discount RIM’s comfortable cash position, I have begged to differ with the Blackberry naysayers. Yet, to hope that BB10 could give RIM the arsenal to take the might of Android or iOS head-on would be unrealistic.
The availability of a wide range of apps or the lack of it will play a determining role in RIM’s long-term success as would a device roadmap supported by some competitive if not aggressive pricing. RIM would need to play it really smart to score on these critical aspects.
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