As mentioned in the earlier post, let’s now look at the positive fallout of the subscription scrubbing by mobile service providers in India. (See:
As evidenced by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) numbers, gap between the total subscriptions and the active subscribers in operators’ visitor location register (VLR) has significantly reduced over the past few months. Over the past three-month period, the VLR composition has been rapidly positively impacted by 3.10 percent while over a six-month period the change accrued to 3.67 percent.
As per TRAI, in February 2012, operators reported the VLR or active subscribers at 73.60 percent of total subscriptions. In May, it inched up to 74.17 percent while in August it significantly improved to 77.27 percent.
A question often asked is: how much correction is needed in mobile subscription numbers? My understanding, as an industry observer, is that in current conditions, there would be a scope for a further improvement of another 5-6 percent, not all of which may be realized by the end of this calendar year. One would still expect the VLR subscribers to go up to 80 percent by December 2012. 

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