The iPhone 5 launch shows why Apple’s stock prices have scaled newer heights even after the passing away of its iconic founder Steve Jobs.

To Jobs, iPhone development (as much as the iPad or iMac development) was an art. His successor, Tim Cook, has adeptly turned that into a science.

Like Coca-Cola is said to have a soft-drink formula known only to its executives, Cook too may have successfully transformed Job’s design magic in the form of a manufacturing formula, which could potentially steer Apple ahead of rivals for the coming several years.

Yes, the approach to iPhone 5 improvements is no different from what the earlier versions exhibited. It is ‘thinner, lighter and faster,’ just as the earlier iPhones were. And as the underlying technologies have progressed, the display has got better (maybe a little wider) and the camera is more powerful in terms of megapixels and lens quality.

The number of applications in the App Store have grown too, as if with time. And yes, the supported generation of network is higher too (4G), as expected, with the carrier sign-ups (in US) already in place.

Indeed, nothing sounds so revolutionary and everything looks so formulaic. And yet, there is something fascinating about the new iPhone. What’s that?

Well, indeed it’s an evolution, but a very complete one—every small feature and spec has been addressed. And there seems to be an ‘effortless perfection’ in the smallest of details that catches attention. The manufacturing process is reportedly so perfect that a product to product “variance” could be “measured in microns.”

When one looks at some of the other launches that happened recently, this ‘evolutionary’ launch begins to look a herculean rarity.

Interestingly, as a device, iPhone 5 doesn’t necessarily score over competing devices on all feature aspects. Both Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Nokia’s Lumia 920 seem to have better screen resolution than iPhone’s and have some other specs too that are better. Yet, it is iPhone 5 that has captured the fancy of the smartphone buyer.

A reason again, lies in the details. Apple may be among the most secretive before the launch but it certainly leaves nothing to imagination or speculation once the launch has happened. Potential customers know exactly what is being offered and at what price and time. And Apple has demonstrated it respects that requirement very well.

In fact, one could say that Apple under Cook has demonstrated this even better, as even the timeframe for other countries like India have been announced. (iPhone 5 would be available in the US on September 21 while it will reportedly arrive in India by December.)

Indeed, whatever the secret formula for achieving such detailed launch, it’s not an easy one to copy and perfect. No wonder the Nasdaq gave Apple thumbs-up too, after the launch!

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