I thought of doing a status check of IPv6 in India on June 6, the day of World IPv6 launch organized by the Internet Society, and went through a list of 3,011 website operators listed on the launch page. A total of 36 operators were listed for India, some of them with multiple URLs. The number of URLs listed under India was 46.

Website operators listed in the order of joining the IPv6 launch forum (Source: http://www.worldipv6launch.org/participants/?q=1)

Sify www.sify.com

Honesty Net Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd www.hns.net.in


AMIE Study www.amiestudy.com

Bangalore International Airport Ltd. www.bengaluruairport.com

Estimated Website www.estimatedwebsite.in




Banu www.banu.com

ERNET India http://project.ernet.in



Sree Buddha College of Engineering www.sbce.ac.in

The Independent India www.theindependentindia.com

Bbdsgi www.bbdnitm.ac.in

Picsnapr Photography http://picsnapr.me

Calport Technologies www.calport.com

Arun www.arunnsblog.com

Ruchi Kottu www.ruchikottu.com

AssertionIT www.assertionit.com

Honcho Commercial Pvt. Ltd. www.hcpl.net.in

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited www.bhelpem.com

WASHI www.washiindia.com

Digiplanet Nongtalang www.ncn.co.in

A2B2 IT Services http://128bits.a2b2.in


ISOC India Kolkata Chapter www.isocindiakolkata.in

MITS www.mitstech.com

SYSWOX Technologies http://syswox.com

Vinay http://vinay.com

SB-Tech LLC http://isbtech.in


Rigid Frame Engineering Pvt Ltd. www.rfepl.in

Pro Wizards Inc. www.prowizardsinc.com

MP Post www.mppost.org

IEEE Kerala Section www.ieeekerala.org


2 Zero Zero http://2zerozero.com


National Industrial Co. www.natindco.in

Flipkart India Pvt. Ltd. www.flipkart.com

CyberX http://cyberx.co/

Pradhan George www.pradhangeorge.com

TechnoDepth www.technodepth.com/wytd

Mohammad Asif www.mdasif.com

None of the websites from India with Alexa ranks of less than 1,000 were spotted. Sify.com was the highest ranking website from India that had an Alexa rank of 1,532 on the launch day. The only listing from Bengaluru was that of Bangalore International Airport. The website, www.bengaluruairport.com showed an Alexa ranking of 339,387 on the day.

Among the Internet service provider (ISP) websites, none of better known telcos appeared in the listing. The only ISP to feature in the listing was HNS Internet, a niche service provider from Mumbai.

Overall, the listings from India clocked a share of 1.5% for URLs listed on the launch site on June 6.

That is not bad, however, considering that a pronounced goal of the World IPv6 Launch is that ISPs participating in the launch will “enable IPv6 for enough users so that at least 1% of their residential wireline subscribers who visit participating websites will do so using IPv6.” Also, Web companies participating in World IPv6 Launch will enable IPv6 on their main websites permanently.

Obviously, even the Internet Society expects migration to IPv6 to be a somewhat slow phenomenon, especially because the protocol is not backward compatible with IPv4.

The currently deployed protocol IPv4 supports around four billion IP addresses, which are nearly exhausted. With IPv6, the number of addresses is expected to become practically infinite and inexhaustible, as the new protocol would be able to provide more than 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses. That would be very much needed as we move ahead in the era of machine-to-machine communication.

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