Apple and Google have drifted increasingly apart post Apple’s US patent win over Samsung, which also indirectly put Android in the dock. The single biggest suffering for Apple users has been to live with non-Google map applications that are reportedly vastly inferior.
The stickiness and patience of users with a dysfunctional map to the extent of causing record iPhone 5 sales certainly goes to show how strong Apple as a brand is. Users seem to be guided by a trust that Apple would be working to address the issue on a war footing and would not let them remain down for long. Nothing could be a richer tribute to Steve Jobs for the brand that he built. 
That, however, should not have deterred Apple to come out with an action plan and a definite timeframe to resolve the issue. Being secretive is unlikely to help in a case like this. (See also
It is actually more puzzling than stunning that a near-clinical Apple failed to address the Map issue before launching the iPhone 5 and iOS6. It is almost akin to a world-class surgeon leaving a scissor inside a patient’s body during an operation.
It should be incumbent upon Apple to explore all possible ways of giving iOS6 users a map application that is comparable to Google’s Map that was being used in the earlier iOS versions.
Nokia’s map applications, for example, are among the finest and dependable. It surprises one to see that Apple has not yet even hinted that it could be exploring a tie up with an alternative like Nokia.
Apple must face it that a trusting map application can’t be built in a matter of day or weeks (which is what Apple users could presumably be willing to wait for). It’s sad that Apple continues to drag users along its somewhat elementary map application.
On the other hand, Nokia should have been quick to see Apple’s map problem as an opportunity, which so far it has failed to. A tie-up with Apple for the map application could certainly be a win-win for both.
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