Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released its draft guidelines for quality of service (QoS) pertaining to mobile data services. The document, with a working title of “Standards of Quality of Service for Mobile Data Services Regulations, 2012” outlines QoS parameters to be applicable to all cellular mobile telephone service providers and unified access service providers.
  1. Service Activation/Provisioning is to be done within three hours with 95% success rate.
  2. Successful data transmission download attempts should be >90%
  3. Successful data transmission upload attempts should be >85%
  4. Minimum download speed is to be measured by the service provider and reported to TRAI.
  5. Average throughput for packet data is to be >90% of the subscribed speed
  6. Percentage of Node B/BTS carrying less than 80% of the average throughput in a license service area should be < 10%
  7. Latency is to be for audio < 150ms; video <100ms; data < 250ms; and data (interactive) <75ms
  8. Packet Data Protocol (PDP) context activation success rate should be ≥95%
  9. Drop rate should be ≤2%

Practically, what could these guidelines achieve, especially for services like 3G and LTE? Watch out this space for more analysis tomorrow (Thursday, July 12).
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