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A euphoria is beginning to kick off as the World Wide Web turns 25 on March 12, 2014. Internet companies, media and the tech enthusiasts must be all set to start a big bash. Why not, one would exclaim!
Google has started a social media campaign to evoke memories of internet users and evince their responses on how the web has affected their lives. As would be anybody’s guess, the responses are likely to be mixed.
Indeed, the web has shrunk the distances and connected people to each other instantaneously, especially after the advent of the social media. But has it also brought people closer to each other? Many would doubt that.
The divides are much evident on these platforms and even more, these are there for everybody to see. Whether this ‘transparency’ is a good thing or a bad one could be a matter of debate though.
Personally, I feel that the society is not yet mature enough to handle the diametrically opposite views voiced by a heterogeneous world, which is literally forced to coexist on social media, with everybody free to peep into everybody else’s posts…well, almost. Wonder if it has ever been normal to peep into neighbors’ houses even if the windows were flung open.
Talking of the web maturity, or a lack of it among users, it is evidenced from the mere fact that even many innocuous looking posts becomes capable of triggering bitter debates, which actually border on being abuses in guise.
But then probably this would do the society some good in the long run, or at least that is what one would like to hope for. Hopefully, the debaters would, at some stage, start seeing the futility of their unending arguments, where every side is bent upon arguing for the sake of arguments—or perhaps for the sake of the egos. Hopefully, one would start seeing at some point in time that lasting joy comes from respecting each other’s thoughts and sentiments and not by stomping upon them for an ephemeral sense of victory. Hopefully, we will see one day, that these social-media platforms are an opportunity for us to make this world a better world—and to make positive differences in lives of fellow netizens. Hopefully! Some day!
After all, some people mature early, while some others take long. And, the web is only 25 now!
My thoughts were triggered by the below text of the mail I got from the Google campaign, which reads:
The web turns 25 today!
Some of us remember what the world was like before the web and have seen how much it’s changed things. Many younger people today have never known a world without the web.
Which are you? Choose the graphic below that applies to you — then share it along with your memories of how the web has affected your life.
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