Google’s product rationalization and consolidation drive continues to be on. Just about ten days after the Hangout application replaced Talk on Google Play, the Internet company has put a formal deadline for Buzz shutdown.
A Google mail today has notified Buzz users, even prompting them to delete their Buzz accounts lest they were fine with losing control of the content they posted on other users’ posts.
“Any comments you made on other users’ posts will only be saved to those users’ files and not to yours. Once the change described in this email is final, only that user will be able to change the sharing settings of those files. This means that if you have commented on another author’s private post, that author could choose to make that post and its comments public. If you would like to avoid that possibility, delete all your Buzz content now,” read the mail after informing users that on or after July 17th, 2013, Google would take the last step in the shutdown of Buzz and would save a copy of their Buzz posts to users’ Google Drive, a service for storing files online.
In October 2011 Google had announced that Google Buzz would be shutting down.
The notification said Google would store two types of files to the Google Drive, and the newly-created files would not count against the storage limits.
“The first type of file will be private, only accessible to you, containing a snapshot of the Google Buzz public and private posts you authored. The second type of file will contain a copy of only your Google Buzz public posts. By default it will be viewable by anyone with the link, and may appear in search results and on your Google Profile (if you’ve linked to your Buzz posts). Note, any existing links to your Google Buzz content will redirect users to this file,” it noted.
“Once the files are created, they will be treated the same as any other Drive file. They are yours to do with as you please. This includes downloading them, updating who can access them, or deleting them,” it added.
However, the notification reiterated, “If you do not want any of your Buzz posts or comments saved to Google Drive files, you can immediately delete your Google Buzz account and data.”
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