Aircel, Facebook join hands for voice updates: Aircel users will be able to dial a short code and record their voice message to be posted as an update on Facebook. The service does not require a user to have Internet access on the mobile phone.

Facebook’s gain is job loss and more at MySpace: MySpace, which was once the No. 1 social networking site, now reportedly faces a spin-off, a tie-up or even a sale at the hands of New Corp., which owns it. Facebook’s overwhelming success has left little room for competitors to be viable. Just a day ago, MySpace had announced plans to lay off 500 of its around 1,000 employees.

Death of iPhone’s death grip?: Apple’s CDMA iPhone, brought out for Verizon in the US, is reportedly not facing the ‘death grip’ problem, whereby holding the phone in a certain way caused signal strength to get so low that calls would get dropped. The guess doing the round is that Apple might have used a dual antenna to get around the problem, when tweaking the phone for Verizon’s network.

RIM gung ho on PlayBook sales: BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is understood to have plans for shipping 1 million of its PlayBook tablet in the quarter, say various reports. As per earlier reports, Motorola too is betting big on its XOOM tablet and would be shipping around 700,000 units of the device.

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