Globally Google, and in India Wipro made important executive change announcements, along with their latest quarterly financial results. Google brought in co-founder Larry Page back at the helm, replacing Eric Schmidt, while Wipro brought in TK Kurien in place of co-CEOs Suresh Vaswani and Girish Paranjpe.

The change at Wipro is being seen as a fallout of its sluggish performance over the past few quarters, compared to those of TCS and Infosys. The ‘two CEO’ model, which worked well during the slowdown, is a growth inhibitor in the post-recovery period, it is being argued. TK Kurien is a Wipro veteran and is considered as growth CEO in the industry, endowed with “double the firepower” of Wipro’s erstwhile co-chairman Vivek Paul, who left Wipro in 2005. As per a Wikipedia post, Paul “grew this business from under $150m in revenue to over $1.4b with 50,000 employees, and led its listing on the New York Stock Exchange.”

Vaswani-Paranjpe will help complete the transition at Wipro, and Kurien will be taking charge effective February 1, 2011. (See release:

At Google, even though the financials have remained impressive, the search engine giant has been criticised of late for lacking cutting-edge innovation as compared to newer kids on the block, like Facebook. Larry Page takes up the CEO’s role in at a time when Google’s Android OS has been established as a strong force in the mobile device market. Additionally, Steve Jobs absence from Apple could also work favorably for Google, even if marginally. (See release:

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