This has been a month of new launches, big and small: a new iPhone, a new Lumia, a new Kindle Fire, a new iOS, and so on…
Social networking sites are not to be left behind. While iPhone maker Apple is expected to launch the iOS6 later in the day, the social networking sites Facebook and LinkedIn have been extending new features, layout, et al to more and more users.
The timing of these ‘quiet’ launches leaves one to wonder if these are just coincidental or are intended to keep in tune with the new smart device launches, particularly the iPhone and iOS launches?
Many users in India noticed an additional “Promote” button appear when I’m posting updates today… it’s positioned alongside the “Like,” “Comment,” and “Share” buttons. This is a paid feature and has been available in select countries like the US for long.
It however seems that the feature is not yet available to all Facebook users in India and would likely become available in stages. (That’s how it was done in the US too when it was first launched.)
LinkedIn was seen sporting a new color scheme and layout by many users today. (While it was eye catching at first, it didn’t appear to be very smooth while using.)
Noteably, the redesign was effected for select companies about ten days ago, as was noted in a post on LinkedIn’s official blog on Sept 6. 
Mike Grishaver of LinkedIn (Product Management & Monetization, Company Pages at LinkedIn) had written, “This year, we’ve been talking a lot about simplifying the LinkedIn experience across our core products. I’m excited to share the next big installment of this effort, our new redesigned LinkedIn Company Pages. Starting this week, a few companies are getting early access to the redesigned Company Pages, including Philips, Citi, HP and Dell.”
And this is why it looks planned rather than incidental that the redesign has been extended to member pages ahead of the iOS launch: Talking about the benefits of the redesign for members, the blog post had noted, “Company Pages is now available on our iPhone, Android and iPad apps, so you can stay connected to companies you care about, wherever you are.” (
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