Stores in Bangalore say they would be getting the iPad 2 pricing details within the next two weeks. And they sounded confident that the stocks would be arriving over the next couple of months. If so, that would be a significant development, given that iPad 1 arrived in India after a lag of over nine months.

The speedier arrival of iPad 2 will likely lead to a lower pricing for iPad 1. More importantly, iPad 2’s early arrival would signal Apple’s greater focus on the India market, and its greater hopes on the uptake of 3G services that are in the process of being rolled out by various telcos.

One of the most important steps that Apple has taken with iPad 2 is in terms of ‘video mirroring,’ using Apple Digital AV Adapter. With the adapter (sold separately), an HDTV or projector becomes a bigger version of iPad. The video mirroring feature could help Apple position iPad 2 as an enabling device for high-definition video calling and conferencing, something that could contribute to make 3G more attractive to Indian users, who are not heavy users of non-communication apps yet.

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