The Delhi High Court has reportedly removed the cap of 200 SMSs per day for consumers, while upholding the status quo on pesky messages.

I don’t see any cause for jubilation among mobile service providers or bulk SMS operators, over this ruling.

How many consumers, for their personal communication, would send out more than 200 SMSs a day? Of course, one would possibly do so during festivals and special occasions, but then that’s already covered under the present regulation.

Isn’t it possible to misuse the ruling for sending bulk pesky SMSs? Theoretically yes, but it would be hard to practice. That’s because the court also said no to unwanted commercial messages as those infringe upon the recipients’ privacy.

Of course, it would be important to ensure that the regulation on pesky SMSs continues to remain enforced duly. If any laxity comes up in the monitoring or control mechanism then the court verdict could be exploited to the disadvantage of consumers. 
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