There is a strong buzz going around that Apple would be bringing its iPad to India by the end of this week itself. What could be the immediate reason for this sudden acceleration, particularly when nine months have elapsed since the device was first launched in the US?

Is the rush to bring iPad to India due to the threat posed by Bengaluru-based Notion Ink’s Adam tablet, which has received rave reviews worldwide. Moreover, the start-up is expected to be working on an India launch of the “iPad killer” device soon enough.

Most possibly, yes! Notion Ink’s CEO Rohan Shravan blogged January 21, “And post it online, Adam has arrived!” (See : And the comment was preceded by heaps of Adam boxes, ready for shipment…the crisp-and-clear photos were obviously taken using Adam’s camera.

No wonder that Apple would not risk being a late entrant to India.

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