Yes. The stock markets don’t seem to care much about the handful of ‘amazing’ new features that Lumia 920 sought to impress with, when debuted a couple of days ago.

Nokia executives seem to have forgotten that for now, they were launching the next Lumia for the US market, which is primarily a contract market where the telcos are the most important channel for devices, especially for the ones that play in the higher-end segments.

That in view, it would have cheered investors at least somewhat if Nokia would have brought in a carrier on board—and even better on the stage. That would have earned more positive market sentiment than what the combined appearance of the high-profile duo of the two Stephens, Elop and Ballmer, was able to generate. Communications!

To worsen things, Nokia even failed to talk to the market about any near-term plans regarding any carrier sign-up.

Another thing that Nokia failed to talk about was regarding any new ‘communication’ oriented feature strengths that Lumia 920 might have. After all, a smart phone is still a communication and access device first and a camera later. But mostly what Nokia had to say during the launch amounted to highlighting how great a camera phone the new Lumia was. (See also:

To repeat, the message that the Lumia launch event was able to send out seems to be: If you are looking to buy a Windows 8 phone (that rivals the next iPhone), look no further. Buy Lumia 920, because it has probably got better imaging features. And what, which carriers would bundle it? Well, we were so busy building this amazing new gadget that we forgot to think about that. We will get back to you on this.

Put off? Well, so seem to be the investors. 
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